Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

I was obsessed with the galaxy nail mani the instant I saw it, but my brittle nails are almost never long enough for me to do them to my personal satisfaction. However, after a couple of weeks with a new nail strengthener, they were FINALLY what I consider an acceptable length for the amazingness.

Even though I vary a tiny bit in my method, I used this awesome tutorial from Beautylish to get me started! All of the products I used are identified after the jump!

I always start out with a base coat of nail strengthener to combat the utter hopelessness that are my natural nails-they peel, they break, they make me cry.  Sometimes (like this time) I double up and use a base coat on top on that, just to cover all my bases. I used Nutra Nail Strengthener with Green Tea and Antioxidants, as well as Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Crystal Clear.

For the inky blackness of space, I busted out my Sinful Colors Black on Black. (A steal at $2, I don't know off the top of my head how many of their colors I own, but their price makes any trip to Walgreens an excuse to expand my collection.)

All of the colors that made up my nebulae were also Sinful Colors...I told y'all I had a problem. The order from left to right is the order I sponged them on in, and the colors are: Mint Apple, Dream On, Love Nails, and Cream Pink. 

I used these fun Studio 35 Beauty sponge eyeshadow applicators instead of makeup sponges to do the different layers. They're a little easier to handle (and save me from painting all over my cuticles!). It didn't hurt that it was so easy to match up the colors on these snazzy little guys either.

I went a little DIY on the glitter polish for the stars since I didn't have exactly what I wanted. I had the end of a  bottle of Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty (a silver glitter topcoat), but I wanted a little more diversity in the glitter size, so I added a little bit of my Sephora by OPI Are You Glistenin'? (still silver glitter topcoat, but with different sizes from micro to chunky) and some clear polish in order to make the final result less dense.

After a coat of clear polish, they were finally ready to show off! 

(Sorry for the blerghy quality of some of the pictures, I'm still trying to figure out where the best lighting in my house is/my camera just doesn't cooperate sometimes. Sigh.)

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