Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY Crystal and Spike Earrings

SO. I went home last weekend and had a chance to bring back some of my crafty stuff, so I whipped up these bad boys yesterday because I had no class AND I wanted something to wear with this awesome army green button down I just got. Unfortunately, the glue was a little too wet, so I didn't wear them on account of not wanting to wear them permanently. BUT HERE THEY ARE:


Sorry I'm so excited, but I really, REALLY like these. For steps check after the break!

Okay, so the things you'll need are:

Earring backs, rhinestone chain OR other rhinestones/buttons (maybe?) of your choice, E6000 glue, and awesome, awesome spikes (which I got at Hobby Lobby).

If you're going to exactly follow my method you're going to use a pair of wire cutters to get your individual rhinestones. I used two bigger ones and sixteen smaller ones in all. If you want to use bigger stones then you probably won't have to do this. After you have all your stones, you're going to dab some glue onto the earring back and then place the stones. I used tweezers since the stones I used were so small. I placed the large one in the center, then placed one smaller stone on each flat side, and then filled in the gaps.

Last step is to glue the spike onto the back-it's also the most tedious, since you have to hold it pretty still for about 30 seconds.

And voila! Crystal and spike studs!

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