Friday, July 25, 2014

C'est La Vie

Holy cow, I've been gone a while. I was looking up swatches for a polish and realized my own poor blog has been neglected in favor of Instagram! Here are some recent favorites:

I used China Glaze Tantalize Me and loose glitter from Born Pretty Store.  I loved these, I kept them on until the glitter mostly fell off!

I used the same loose glitter here, over China Glaze Pool Party, and stamped with Winstonia plate W-04 using Pure Ice Silver Mercedes.

This is Orly Ablaze (over white undies), stamped with Maybelline Bold Gold 70, which seems to have been discontinued in favor of Bold Gold 45.  Stamping plate is Pueen 14, from their 2013 plate collection.

For more available updates, my Instagram is nails_on_nails_xo.  See y'all later!

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