Thursday, August 23, 2012

She Only Sleeps When It's Raining

So it's almost 1:45 and I have to wake up at 5 so my dad and I can have fishing adventures before the sun gets super burny and I have to put my sweatpants on over my jorts, (the horror!) but instead of sleeping I'm watching The IT Crowd and giggling and pretending I won't totally be taking a nap in the boat tomorrow. Probably in the Tahoe too, except for tomorrow is also the day I learn how to TOW THE BOAT, which is part of my Training To Be A Helpful Daughter. It doesn't help that my precious kitteh Lulu is hopping around my bed like a rabbit and taking the occasional break to chew on my hands, because she's a jerk like that and she does not value the same things I do, such as sleeping at night and not just after dinner and whenever people want me to be cute. *

This is the face of a jerk, my friends.

 I think I'm going to try to exile her to the floor because actual fishing always deserves my full attention, or my dad smacks me in the face with a catfish like he did one time when I was ten or so. It was purely on accident, but you don't just forget incidents like that. Fish are gross, yo.

*Since I went off on my fish tangent, she TUCKED HERSELF INTO BED RIGHT NEXT TO ME. It could only be cuter if she wasn't also stabbing me with one sharp little claw.

Title: 3 AM, Matchbox 20

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