Friday, December 21, 2012

One Day, Baby, We'll Be Old

Quick little post of Hipstamatic shots from ze week!

 Oh, my room is a mess! My supposed-to-be-walk-in-closet is mostly now my room is full of Christmas boxes and stuff and I can't take a wider shot.
 Forever 21 Shirt/Levi's 535 Jegging in Black/Belt: Marshall's
 DIY Earrings/DIY Bracelets/AE Necklace/James Avery Ring

It went from rainy and cold, back to warm, and the allllll the way to super burr this week. The joy of living in Texas, I suppose. At least I got these shots!

Just a tiny collage of yesterday's accessories. Outfit wasn't anything exciting, just my black 535s and a chambray shirt. Gotta love that knockoff YSL!
Ring: Ebay/Purse:Urban Outfitters/Pashmina: French Market in NOLA

Title: Asaf Avidan, One Day. I'm obsessed with this song right now.

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