Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Studs on Studs on Studs

Now that I'm on the stud train, I'm never getting off. Except for next week, when I have an exciting rhinestone Christmas mani planned, of course. I picked up the base color last week at Walgreens after getting an extra-intense retina exam, when my eyes were SO dilated I couldn't even focus. Of course that still didn't stop me from buying some new polish. Miraculously, I didn't pick up a color I already own! Sinful Colors Nova is a purple/black in the bottle, but on the nails it's more of a black with blue and turquoise micro-glitter, and it really does look a little like a galaxy in a bottle. It had a bit of a thick formula though, and was really prone to color smudging when removing with polish remover. However, it did come off my cuticles magically quick when I did my go-to clean-up of taking a super hot shower...I'm lazy, what can I say?

Oof, looking at that picture reminds me I need to clean my vanity. It was my grandma's, and decades of wear and tear mean lots of scratches that my makeup just finds its way into! I'm just kind of scared that if I polish it, Lulu will slide all over and ultimately knock my makeup/tchotchkes off and break them. Guess we'll find out!

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