Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Updated! Button Earring DIY

A few months ago I did this 5 Minute Earring DIY, which is probably one of the easiest ways to make earrings, ever. I have a little newer version, thanks to a button display that I found lurking in the back of my Hobby Lobby's fabric section. (So lurk-y that I had to move it so I could turn it and look at all the buttons.) These were EXACTLY what I've been looking for, and you can see for yourself that they weren't all that pricey:

They were actually all on clearance, so if you live near a Hobby Lobby, they might be getting rid of theirs too! The main difference (and difficulty) I had with this round of buttons is that the silver ones were actually metal, not plastic. I still managed to get the backs off with my wire cutter, but mine are old and I would NOT recommend using a pair you value. I sanded down the backs of both the silver and gold buttons with a little sandpaper too, since they were a little rough. From there it's exactly the same: dollop of E6000, blank stud, let dry...although:

I did get a little fancy and glue rhinestones around the edges of the smaller silver buttons. If you're wondering about size, the smaller metallic ones and strawberries are all about the size of a dime, and the larger ones are around nickel size. Have fun, y'all!

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