Saturday, July 28, 2012

DIY Gold and Turquoise Handpiece

I've been seeing these bracelets around for months, but had never really wanted one until I stumbled on a few gold and turquoise ones on Wanelo...but I still didn't want to actually BUY something I could make on my own.

And when I found a wrap bracelet I made a few weeks back, sitting neglected in my crafting stuff, it sparked an idea. Look after the break for materials and steps!

Even though I made the connector part a while back, I still had the parts on hand, so I laid them out as well.

The original bracelet! I used E-6000 to attach the gold finding to the leather cord, then threaded turquoise chips and 6/0 gold seed beads out for an inch or so. Of course, I did this a while back, so if you do something similar you'll want to give it some time to dry.  I used the gold curb chain and toggle clasp to make a fairly tight-fitting bracelet, then used another length of chain to make the ring by just opening a one of the links with jewelry pliers and attaching the two ends, then closing the link again. After this, I threaded one of the gold seed beads onto the leather cord, then threaded the cord over and through the chain. I chose the link as close to exactly across from the clasp as I could to thread through.

After this, I used the bead to do basically the same thing as a crimp bead, because, alas, the crimp beads I have were too small.  I threaded the end of the cord back through the bead, then adjusted it so it was as flush as possible with the outermost turquoise chip.

I secured the bead by using a toothpick to try and stuff some glue into it, but mostly I just kind of glued the whole area as neatly as possible. I then trimmed the excess cord, and voila! Now I just need to leave the house so I can wear it!

I also made a couple of anklets while I was at it...god, I love turquoise.