Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm A Little Drunk On You, And High On Summertime

I know Luke Bryan might be talking about summer love in Drunk On You, but his lyrics describe how I felt about this manicure to a T. I was infatuated for the entire week my nails looked like this, not just because they were AMAZING but also because they didn't chip. At all. I only took it off because the gap between my nail bed and the polish had reached an unacceptable width.

The prettiest.

I'm not sure whether the longevity was due to the base coat (Julep in Georgia) or the top coat, which I am still SO EXCITED ABOUT. Ludurana is a Brazilian brand that I could only find online, and only on two sites at that. I bought Flash from Ninja Polish, who also has a great selection of other hard-to-find polishes. It's a flakie with orange, green, and blue, but it definitely takes its color from the base coat-my nails gave off an orange, peachy reflection that didn't photograph nearly as well as I had hoped it would...regardless, I'm OBSESSED.

love. in a bottle.

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