Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sunshine, Sunshine Is Fine

The lyrics in the title (Sunshine by Atmosphere) are the opposite of the weather right now, but oh so accurate on how my current mani makes me feel.  The blue-green-yellow gradient just feels like summer, you know?

Unfortunately, my camera is lost in my messy, messy room, so I ended up taking pictures with my iPhone, but they're still pretty decent.  I used a tutorial from Teen Vogue that uses a cheap brush instead of a makeup sponge, since every time I've attempted to use a sponge I've ended up with a lot of polish in the sponge and none on my nails. It's probably the sponges or polishes I've tried, but now I have a tutorial that works for me! 

Check out the polishes, etc. after the break:

I used my normal nail hardener for a base coat (although I'm starting to dislike it. not sure why.) The yellow is Maybelline Color Show in "Fierce N Tangy" and the turquoise is Wet N' Wild Megalast in "I Need A Refresh-Mint". There was no green color, but the sheer yellow + turquoise...well, that makes green! Fierce N Tangy is pretty sheer all on its own, so I potentially didn't need to dilute it with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear clear polish (as per the tutorial), but I didn't mind the effect.


Oh yeah, here's a picture of me feeding Moo. His sister is trying to escape Kitty Prison (aka the pet carrier) because she's a fatty and thinks that the bottle is hers...regardless of the fact that she drank an entire bottle approximately three minutes earlier.

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  1. I just saw this picture... Your kittens look feral. I'm so glad you saved them from the wild (your sandbox)