Friday, September 21, 2012

Baby, There's A Shark In The Water

I actually wasn't going to go with anything this fancy-I cut my nails a little too close to the bed hurt. I was just going to go with my favorite gunmetal, but when I opened the bottle, it was goopy and dried up, and I'm going to buy a new bottle Sunday when I go to Walgreens. I ended up breaking into my last unused Julep color (Annie) and my other Ludurana flakie (Trovão).

The flakies show up so much better in sunlight, but you kind of get the idea. Unfortunately, I think my base coat is on its last legs, because all the polish chipped by the morning and tonight I had the (so horrible for my nails) pleasure of peeling the polish off, A WHOLE FINGERNAIL AT A TIME. I guess this means no more mani until...Sunday. As soon as I get a new base coat. I'm thinking of splurging on Essie this time, but I'm not 100% yet. Guess I'll figure it out!

Title: Shark In The Water, VV Brown


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