Friday, September 28, 2012

"I Can Have It All!"

It's been gloomy all week, and when you add my sinus-murdering allergies into the equation, this means me staying in bed and watching 30 Rock on Netflix for the bazillionth time. JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE. Unfortunately for both myself and Liz Lemon, we can't have it all, as evidenced by Lulu SIMULTANEOUSLY stealing one of my cheese fries and managing to close out the Netflix tab. Now she's just lurking somewhere, waiting for me to move, so she can attack my ankles. Anyways, I realize I am so late to this nail polish party that the polish featured is, in fact, discontinued, but whatever.

It is SO PRETTY. Essie, why on earth would you stop making this?? Fortunately, I was able to score a new bottle on eBay, for a couple of dollars more than retail AND free shipping. The base coat is Sinful Colors in Boogie Nights, and I really like the color, but after three coats it still wasn't opaque so maybe next time I'll use a white base. I did use only one coat of Shine of the Times! And in other news, Jon Hamm's story arc on 30 Rock just started and I really must be off.

Updated: Gratuitous shots of my nails! The flakies themselves are a teeny bit more obvious.

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