Friday, November 23, 2012

Sandy Sandy Sand

The other day I was SUPER excited to get my China Glaze holographics...unfortunately, I wasn't in the mood for in-your-face nails. I decided that one coat over a neutral basecoat would probably be a nice little place to meet in the middle, and I was right...kind of.

I liked the overall effect-I used one coat of Angel Wings over two coats of Julep's Annette-but I executed it poorly. There were some awkward patches and my cuticles were a hot mess. It was almost like sand in the sunshine though, and a really nice change from a basic neutral. I had to change it today though, especially since I got back to making friendship bracelets and the embroidery thread managed to dent BOTH my thumbs and make my nails peel. Oh well, worth it!

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