Saturday, November 17, 2012

You Gotta Love Your Way Of Life

I did this mani at like 10 last night-my pretty green nails were chipping off, I was going shopping, and I absolutely cannot stand to go out in public with my nails all gross. It was kind of a rush job, but I miraculously didn't wake up with sheet marks or anything! I mean, Out The Door is a great fast-drying topcoat, but my bottle of Sephora by OPI Spark-tacular is a little goopy, and after two coats it felt kind of soft underneath the topcoat, so I was terrified I would smudge it all off in my sleep.

I was a little sloppy with cleanup, but I like it! The purple (Wet N' Wild in On A Trip) took three coats and was still a little sheer on the tips, but I picked up two China Glaze holographics from the Holiday Joy Collection (my first China Glaze purchases ever!) AND I actually have friends to see this week, so this mani probably won't last long. Oh, and I bought Seche Vite! I really needed a thicker topcoat, since Out The Door is like water, and it was on sale at Sally's so I said, what the hell, why not? I love the way the bottle feels, but THE SMELL. Oh my god. So. Strong. Regardless, it smoothed the heck out of Spark-tacular, and that's what I wanted it for.

Title: Awolnation, Guilty Filthy Soul

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